About Us

When our store first opened in 1972, we were known as East London Sports, a store specializing in hockey. Now, decades later, hockey remains our primary focus, but we have made room over the years to accommodate so much more. Since our move to our current location in '84 we have remodeled our main store (406 Wharncliffe Rd S) several times, and squeeze into a bulging 14,000 sq ft of retail space. Our most recent expansion of the main store has pretty much capped us with any further growth, so in order to meet the increasing demands put on our Goalie and our Team Department, we had no other choice but to relocate into other buildings nearby.

At our main store "London's Source for Sports" you will find other seasonal equipment for sports like Lacrosse, Volleyball, Footwear, Rugby, Football, Baseball, Skiing and "The Boardshop". It is very easy to say that when there is a change in season, we have a change in sporting goods equipment to accommodate the everyday athletes all year around!



Our Other Building

Directly beside our main building (406 Wharncliffe Rd S) Is our newest home to the Padded Room Goalie Shop. We used to be located in the basement of our main store but we have moved one door down. We are now located at 410 Wharncliffe Rd S. This building includes 2,200 Sq Ft dedicated to only goalies. With hundreds of items, custom pad sets, and pro model gear. With more room then ever to fit you and try on gear you can ensure your experience will be of the up most excellent.


Our Staff

In our Padded Room Goalie Building, all of our staff are active goalies, playing and using the newest gear to understand our product. Our staff are very knowledgable on our gear and can suggest and fit you to what will play best with your style and maximize your playing potential. All of our staff have at least 10 years experience between the pipes.