Reebok XLT Pro

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Creating innovative products that help advance goaltending equipment has been in Reebok’s DNA since the inception of the Premier line in 2005. Every single pattern and piece in a blocker makes the difference when blocking a shot, ultimately determining how the blocker will perform during game play.

The Premier XLT Pro blocker maintains a classic Lefevre feel with the addition of a bindingless blocker face, offering maximum coverage while still maintaining maximum protection and durability. The blocker board is a full pro construction, featuring a 0.8mm poly plastic paired with 1” Polyethylene and 3/8” high density foam.

The palm of the blocker utilizes Lefevre’s exclusive UltimaDry material, offering superior resistance to wear and extra stick grip for handling the puck. This unique palm paired with Reebok’s exclusive 3/8” Crosslink foam finger protection results in top-notch protection from any angle. An additional HD foam index finger flap ensures pucks won’t ride up the stick into the hand.

Compared to the Premier X28 blocker, the XLT Pro will feature pro-level construction, with higher quality materials in both the outer Clarino and inner foams.

For the competitive goalie looking for a Lefevre designed blocker offering unmatched balance and protection, there is no better choice than the Reebok Premier XLT Pro.